Story, Story I got a Story!

This week’s presentation focused on digital storytelling by Alan Levine! I wonder how many Maroon 5 jokes he gets? I think there was about two during his presentation. Alan may not be a famous rock star but after this presentation and following his blog CogDog, I would say he is a rock star when it comes to the education/technology world. He has developed many web storytelling apps/programs that I will later post in my blog. From my observation he has a huge passion for storytelling and knows what makes a great story. Even my little Adalee wanted in on the action last evening!

Adalee and I working on ECI831. She thought it was a great story! She loves story time.

Adalee and I working on ECI831. She thought it was a great story! She loves being read to and Dr. Seuss is becoming her favorite.

Before the class started I thought I had a good idea of what digital story telling was all about. My initial thoughts were that digital story telling was a way of telling a story through technology. I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. Through the presentation, classmates suggestions and research, I have learned of some amazing tools that can help assist with the process of writing and telling stories.I honestly think I have been living under a rock! Why haven’t I looked into this earlier? I have always had difficulties engaging students when it comes to writing projects, why haven’t I tried to incorporate technology, something that they love with the writing process. The power of collaborating with colleagues and other professionals is amazing. Thank you all who shared some wonderful resources on digital story telling!

With out this presentation I may still have been re inventing the wheel when I return to work. I have tried many different techniques to engage students and trigger their creative side when getting them to write stories. I would show a picture similar to the one below and teach students about adding dialog between two characters in a story. Students enjoyed this activity. I now realize that I should have been taking time to find other tools that would get my reluctant writes to share their stories.
Great picture of two characters in conflict with eachother.
Photo Credit: EltonHarding via Compfight cc

During the class presentation we were shown pechaflickr. It is basically what I was trying to do in the classroom but way easier to use. Pechaflickr will randomly choose images from flickr that has a specific tag like “dog”. Each picture will show for 20 seconds. While doing this you could have students write a story to an image, write an entire story using every picture, orally tell a story out loud or maybe even use it as a warm up activity in drama, practicing improv skills. Oh the possibilities!

As I promised I am going to list some other digital storytelling sites that you can use too! I did not find all of these myself I had help from my classmates and web sites who all ready did the work for me!

A digital comic I created from using the site

A digital comic I created from using the site

I really could go on and on with the amount of possibilities there are in the digital world.  I would love to hear from others about other websites that are available and ones that students loved as well.

The presentation also gave me ideas about how to teach students about writing a good story. Showing examples of commercials and by simply asking what types of stories students like to read will help them explore the importance of making strong characters and have exciting things happen to them. I hope along with digital storytelling I can help  improve their creative writing and passion for stories.

One question that I have is how to incorporate First Nation traditions of oral story telling into the digital world? Or do we even need to do that? I know that as an educator I should try to do more orally story telling and encourage students to do that also.

I am now going to go through all of my old books that my mom saved and read my daughter a few stories. I hope she will develop a love of reading and storytelling. What is your favorite story? I would love to hear from you!

A suitcase full of books from when I was a little girl. Some even belonged to my Dad.

A suitcase full of books from when I was a little girl. Some even belonged to my Dad.

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Single and Double Crochet; Oh My!

A friend has asked me to create her some boot cuffs to keep her legs nice, warm and stylish for the fall/winter season. I choose a style and watched a video that was recommended for beginners. The pattern required using the double and single stitch crochet. I am finding that it is not that hard at all to mix up the stitches. I wish I did a little bit more research on looking at different patterns to get a different look. Although I am happy with all the progress I am making and I do feel that I am getting better and better each time, I think I could of tried a more challenging pattern to get the desired look I was hoping for. Chalyn I hope you find use to these creations and wear them!

Here is my attempt.

Boot cuff being modeled with a pear of boots

Boot cuff being modeled with a pear of boots

For the upcoming week I think I will try to make some cute baby boots. My daughter received a gift from her Nan, cute crochet sandals. I looked at them and thought “I can maybe make this”. I have also joined a Google Plus Crochet community community that is dedicated to crocheting. It has open my world to so many options in creating new projects! This is making it hard to choose what to create next!
Baby Crochet Sandals

Baby Crochet Sandals

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Double Stitch Crochet

I have mastered the double stitch crochet. It was very easy to follow, and I am actually finding that all the stitches that I am learning are similar and easy to follow. Check the videos out on how to create a double stitch and how to create the Fiona button scarf.

Double Stitch from one of my favorite person to learn from on YouTube, Bobby Thompson. You can check out her website which is also awesome!
Crochet Guru

Double Crochet Video

Here is the video I learned from to make a Fiona Button Scarf for my friend Janelle! I hope she likes it.

My video Blog! I am requesting any donations of yarn or buttons much appreciated!

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Infinity Scarf

I have finished another project! I completed an infinity scarf, I love it and will actually wear it! I was able to sit down with a dear family friend of mine “Auntie O” and she helped me again with my technique and encouraged me to keep going!

Hanging out with my baby and Auntie O! We love chatting about crafts and crochet!

Hanging out with my baby and Auntie O! We love chatting about crafts and crochet!

I have to give special thanks to all my friends following me through my blog and Facebook page. They are giving me shout outs, support and even asking me to create them a thing or two! I struggled with should I try a new project or continue to make something that I all ready know how? I decided I will try my hand at new projects. This will give me the opportunity to search the internet and ask other crochet enthusiasts for some advice.

Now only if the weather could get colder and I can sit on the couch to make these wonderful gifts! Thanks for inspiring me to keep going! Check out my video below and a video on how to create your own beanie hat for a baby.

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Update on my digital project! Crocheting machine.

It has been over a week of sitting down and learning how to crochet. I am becoming better and I have spent many hours on my first few projects. I would say that I have spent over 8 hours on creating a wash cloth, head band, flower and the start of an infinity scarf. This does not include all the time I spent researching and deciding what to create. With that being said I really do think as I get better at it, I will spend less time on each project.I have mastered the single stitch crochet and working on the half double crochet.

Loved this video. The creator will take the time to make comments or answer questions if you post on her video.

My little flower in her headband I made for her.

Single stitch crochet headband.

Single stitch crochet headband.

This video helped me create a flower. It is 20 minutes long, but very easy to follow along with. I felt that I learned the best by going slowly and step by step. You will learn how to use the treble crochet stitch.

Finally my video blog on my journey enjoy!

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Single Stitch Crochet

I have started on my hands on work after a few weeks of research and video watching. I will post some videos that I really enjoy and thought were helpful. I will also post my progress and then get back to my projects! The single stitch crochet has been easy to follow and was recommended for beginners. I would love to learn more ways to crochet and create a few projects.

I have been picking up the ol’ yarn and hook while baby takes a nap, I am finding it easy to learn and relaxing. I have some dates picked out this week where I will be sitting down with some friends to get more hands on help. I hope that I can become an expert and even make my own How to videos!

Starting a foundation chain is very important in each project! But don’t worry it is easy. Take a look at my chain. Love the multi coloured yarn I actually think it helps with counting and making sure you are on track.

Chain to start crochet project.

Chain to start crochet project.

Getting started on single Stitch crochet! Love these simple videos!

My journey!

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Materials and Supplies for starting on your first Crochet Project

I went shopping! Check out my video and see what types of material I purchased to help me with my project. It was a little bit more challenging than I thought! I highly recommend doing some research on what type of project you would like to do before purchasing anything. I found that out the hard way. On the other hand that just means I need to go out and buy more material, a girl always needs excuses to go out shopping. In total I spent around $40 at Wal-Mart. Hope you enjoy!

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Blog page needs a Face lift!

Whoa, I had a reality check last week! Just as I thought I was on the right track with my digital project and blogging I realized that it needs some work. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind putting in some hard solid work I am just adjusting to my new mom life schedule. I am so use to having huge chunks of time to finish assignments. As for ECI 831 I have not had the time to play around with formatting and be happy with my end results of my blog. This new mom is only able to sit down for short periods of time and quickly get through assignments for the week before baby wakes up hungry or wanting to play. All of you parents out there have any advice for this new mom? How can I use my time wisely?

Stressed out!

Stressed out!

Photo Credit: banspy via Compfight cc

Thank goodness for grandmas. My daughter will get some quality time in with her grandma this week while I work on updating my blog and digital project. I recently received great advice and was asked questions to help make my blog more organized and easy to navigate. I also have taken to the Google plus community for support. I read through the discussion and find that others are having similar struggles. Here is a vlog that I created to help show you my progress on my blog. The video is of my blog currently and later this week I hope to show the new and improved version.

Thank you Andrew Foreman for the idea about using a fantastic tool Screencast-O-Matic. This tool is free to use and very easy to navigate. I think this would be an excellent tool for the classroom! Students could create their own Screencasts and show a progress on an assignment or a teacher can give instructions through a screencast and students could access it at home this would allow them to remember what they need to do to complete their homework.

Now that everyone has an idea of where I am coming from I hope to show improvements after I give this blog a Face lift!

Some questions that I ask myself as I work through this journey:
1. What type of blogs do I like to read/visit?
2. What do I want my readers to know about me?
3.How can I make this blog beneficial for my job as a teacher and as a learner?

I enjoy reading a blog that has humor, pictures, easy to read (not to many words)and is something that I can relate to. I found this great article 26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts and now have a better idea of how I want my blog to look like and sound like. A class mate of mine Clayton Murray has also given his blog a little bit of a clean up, check it out.

My goals for this week are
1.Organize posts
2.Create more categories and tags
3.Re visit old posts
4.Sight pictures I have used
5.Come up with catchy titles for my entries
6.More Crocheting!
7.Connect with others in this class and in the digital world

Sounds like a lot of work but I am determined. I leave you with this question. What motivates you to get a list of things done? Are you like me and need to create lists to stay organized? Any type of support this week would be much appreciated.

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Where should I begin when learning how to Crochet?

Well here I go! I decided to take my husbands advice and take up a “hobby”. My first thought was that I wanted to learn to knit. After talking with friends and family they suggested that I maybe try crocheting instead because it is easier!  What is the difference? I was able to find some wonderful examples online and even in my own house to show you. Below I have added some webpages to take a look at and my own personal video blog I hope you enjoy!

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My Digital Project- Learning how to Crochet

My journey through a personal project of my choice!

I  hope I can create a project just like this one day.

I hope I can create a project just like this one day.

Photo Credit: moonrat42 via Compfight cc

I am very excited to start a project that I will be learning and sharing online. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to try out and have decided on learning how to crochet. Through my blog I will document with videos, pictures, and written entries to tell everyone about my experience. Can’t wait to show you what I have learned!

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