My Digital Project- Learning how to Crochet

Check out my posts on my journey through my digital project; learning how to crochet! I am using digital media to teach me how to do this craft and asking advice from friends and family who know how to crochet! I decided on this type of project for many reasons. My mom recently handed down some beautiful baby clothing that was over 27 years old to my daughter. It meant so much to me to give my daughter something that I once wore and it was hand made with love. Well why can’t I do the same? I hope that I can make gifts for my daughter and others. I love being creative and have things to show for it. Through blogging I hope I can inspire others to maybe pick up a new hobby and have others motivate me at the same time. Thank you for taking the time to check out my progress!



3 Responses to My Digital Project- Learning how to Crochet

  1. Hey Tara – I’m a bit confused by this layout – is this a page or a category? It might be nice to actually have your posts about your major project show up here!


  2. Also – make sure you are properly citing images!


  3. tarasmith311 says:

    Hello Katia, thanks for all of your comments that you posted on my blog! I am a bit confused by the layout also. However, after lasts week class I know the direction I would like to go with what my blog should look like. I am just needing a solid time span to play around with my dashboard. Which should be this week! Every comment you posted in the last little bit is what I thought needed adjustments on my page. I am glad that I am heading in the right direction. I will look at talking to the Google plus community to help with all my questions that I am sure going to be having over the next few days.


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