Reflecting on a Great Semester.

Writing this last post has been a challenge for me. I was so excited to be finished this class and gear into the  holiday season mode. However, something was not sitting well with me. The whole idea of this class was to connect with others via Social media and learn from one another. Learning as we all know is never ending . I want to highlight and reflect on my journey throughout the semester and how I plan to use this class as a life long learning journey.

EC&I 831 Journey

Beginning -Social media was just a place of entertainment for me.

  • Created a new blog using WordPress (I created one over 8 years ago but didn’t stick with it). I have never heard of the terms pingback, widgets or didn’t have a clue how to inset media into a post.
  • Accessed my Twitter account again

    Look I successfully used a hashtag almost 5 years later!

    Look I successfully used a hashtag almost 5 years later!

  • Joined a Google+ Community which I didn’t know existed before this class.
  • Chose to complete a Digital Project on Crocheting



Middle -Social media is becoming a place of learning

  • Learned how to properly set up my blog and blog pages (See my Blog Post on the makeover it received before and after results)
  • Visit fellow classmates blogs and tried to comment and ask questions to continue a conversation
  • Realized I was stealing images for years! Not to worry I now know how to properly use images and site them from popular sites like Compfight
  • More visits and followers on my blog post thanks to advice from Sue Waters and Classmates- Catchy titles really do bring in readers, followers and multiple shares.
  • Finding my voice in the class by sharing some articles and videos in the Google+ Community
  • Trying to wrap my head around Twitter
  • Using Youtube and Youtube channels to teach me how to crochet.

End- Social media is place where I can learn and others can learn from me!

  • Learned that using Tags in my blog helped organized my work and helped me to get more followers
  • Participated in #Saskedchats which I absolutely loved. I met some great teachers that I am now following on Twitter and they are following me too!
  • Google+ community became an outlet for me to vent and I even tried to help other classmates as well with their questions and concerns.
  • I expanded my social media base on learning how to crochet by joining a Google+ Community, Crochet Geek, followed crochet experts on Twitter, and started to visit many more blogs on crochet. Check out my Crochet Blog Post on the multiple avenues you can take when learning how to crochet.
  • Developed strong relationship with a few classmates that I would visit their blogs, Twitter pages on a very regular basis. We had a lot in common career and personal life wise! Thank you Andrea and Danielle!
  • Summarized my learning using digital story telling –Summary of learning in this class and in my Digital Project.
  • Viewed my numbers and Stats using wordpress and was excited to see what the numbers were showing.
  • My blog has reached different parts of the world.

    My blog has reached different parts of the world.

    wp top

    Popular blog posts Visitors on my blogVisitors on my blog

    I went from one tweet to 258! With many more followers as well.

    I went from one tweet to 258! With many more followers as well.

    New Beginning -Social media is a tool to continue to use in my professional practice

    The numbers may be impressive (or not). But it is the learning that took place that is the most important. I have always been a strong advocate for collaboration as a professional. I came to the realization that it shouldn’t just be in a building. Collaboration can take part online. I have gained so many ideas and new tools that I can’t wait to try in my classroom. Using social media as a tool instead of a source of entertainment will be my new practice.

    If I make my learning, questions and reflections online /public I can have conversations with others. There always seems to be someone in the classroom or the online world that can give a new tool to try or just be there for support.

I plan to continue to use Social media in my professional practice but also try this it with my students. There is so much learning that can take place through technology and online it can be endless. I would love for my students to collaborate and connect with others around the world. Learning by doing is going to be my new motto when I return to a classroom. I don’t want to be that teacher that only gives worksheets I want to be the teacher that gives experiences.

I can honestly say that this class has been an experience and a journey. At times it has been frustrating but for the most part it has been exciting and adventurous. I loved completing all of my homework. I have never talked so positively about this class to my friends and family (I usually talk about my frustrations). I also plan to continue to use my blog and Twitter where as many other projects in class I have not thought twice about.

Thank you everyone and see you online and I hope one day in person! I was sad I could not meet everyone on the last day of class. What was your favorite part of this class?


About tarasmith311

Hello my name is Tara. I am an educator and a new mom to a beautiful girl Adalee. I am staying at home for the year to raise my little one but miss being in the classroom every day. I have been teaching middle year students for five years. I have decided to continue my education by taking my Masters in Educational Psychology through the University of Regina. My dream would to one day be a guidance counselor. In my free time I love to be around the pool. I have played competitive water polo for many years and have been coaching the sport for over ten years. I look forward to my journey as a new mom and life long learner.
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