Reflecting on my Crochet Journey

I can’t believe it has been four months since I first started to learn how to crochet. I will give full credit to ECI 831 and the Major Digital project that was assigned to me. This project has started my initial push to learn something that is creative, crafty and allows me to work with my hands.

I have always wanted to learn something that I can do as a hobby, and have something physical to show for my learning . Not often do you get to choose something that you want to learn in a University course. I wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity.

This project taught me a few lessons other then learning how to crochet. I mean this was  a huge eye opener to me as an educator.

  • I took learning into my own hands and I did in fact learn how to do something worth while.
  •  I found many online communities to help motivate me and learn from.
  • Biggest lesson that I learned was that I should create opportunities like this for my own students.

I looked forward to my digital project every week. It did not feel like homework. I never felt “stressed” the way I do when I write a test or major essay. I reflected each week and the learning was my responsibility. I want to create this same experience for my students.

I use to have the excuse of “not enough time in the day to learn something new”. I would spend my time relaxing in front of the TV. This experience has taught me that crochet is relaxing and something that I am very proud of and will continue to do.

I hope I have inspired you to learn something new. It doesn’t have to be crocheting! It isn’t hard and there are so many avenues to assist your learning. Here is a summary of my learning how to crochet over the semester.


About tarasmith311

Hello my name is Tara. I am an educator and a new mom to a beautiful girl Adalee. I am staying at home for the year to raise my little one but miss being in the classroom every day. I have been teaching middle year students for five years. I have decided to continue my education by taking my Masters in Educational Psychology through the University of Regina. My dream would to one day be a guidance counselor. In my free time I love to be around the pool. I have played competitive water polo for many years and have been coaching the sport for over ten years. I look forward to my journey as a new mom and life long learner.
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5 Responses to Reflecting on my Crochet Journey

  1. Great job Tara! Enjoying homework, come on!! 🙂 My cousins and I tried to knit and crochet and sew my grandmother a book bag for her 80th birthday last year… I feel ‘ya. I wish I would have thought about finding a Google+ community back then!


  2. jocelynskogberg says:

    Great work! It’s amazing how much you have learned in 4 short months! I think I might need to try out crochet myself sometime too. I like how you found it fun and enjoyable to learn something new. Great video at the bottom of your post too!


  3. tarasmith311 says:

    Thank you! I found it really easy and I enjoy seeing my final products and the progression I am making!

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  4. jmaetur says:

    Awesome, Tara! Shows the power of learning that is connected to student interest and inspires creativity.


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