Mid- term Crochet Block :(

AHH!! I was doing so well with my digital project but I hit a little bit of a road block. I kept running out of the precious thing that we call time. It was a busy week of celebrating and preparing for Halloween. I saw such cute costumes out and about and I really wish I took some time to make a cute little hat for Adalee to wear. Even though I was unable to get some quality crochet work done, I will share with you some helpful hints and communities that can help you with your own crocheting project. Then I promise to to sit down as the cold weather settles in and start on some new projects! I can’t wait to give away some homemade Christmas gifts this year.

I stated in my other videos that I joined a few Google Plus community to assist with my journey of learning how to crochet. I have been reading what others have posted but I haven’t been very active in the community until recently. I decided that I should ask some questions and try to even answer some to expand my knowledge and skills. I joined

1. Video tutorials on crochet (My favorite way of learning how to crochet)

2.Crochet by Crochet Geek This community is very organized and has over 16,00 members and everything from videos, discussion, and project assistance.

A picture of the Google community I joined to help with my crochet progress. I even posted a discussion question!

A picture of the Google community I joined to help with my crochet progress. I even posted a discussion question!

After this weeks Facelift to my blog I have been receiving a lot more likes and followers to my blog! I am excited about this because some of my new followers are not from my ECI831 class! Thanks for following me!

I will leave some comments on their blog and hope to start a conversation with them.

Twitter has also been a great source of inspiration and resource for my digital projects. I also have a few hobby and crochet enthusiasts following me as well!




As I mentioned before I love to learn from videos. I have visited many YouTube tutorials and that is how I have created some of my projects. I have started to regularly visit the following websites and YouTube channels after watching their videos.

Crochet Guru has many step by step videos for beginners

Iheartstitching. Melanie is a new mom who likes to create things on her own. Her videos and channel are easy to follow. She is really great at answering any questions that you post on her videos. I asked a questions about using a different size hook for a project and she said that it would work just fine!

Then there is always Pinterest. I try to Pin anything that I find useful along the way or I sometimes search Pinterst for ideas!

I want to thank my friends and cheerleaders! All of you are very supportive and I think that it is pretty cool that you are taking the time to watch my vlogs or read about my progress. Just the other day I had a conversation with someone in person that I have not seen in awhile. She asked me all about how my crochet was going. I stopped and thought to myself, I don’t think I told her I was learning how to crochet. Well then I remembered! I have shared my posts on Facebook, uploaded pictures on Instagram and Tweeted about it. I thought that was pretty cool and a real indication that some people area taking an interest into what I am doing. I hope that others are learning from me too!

Here is where I get my motivation to keep going from! Thank you! Can anyone suggest crochet blogs, websites, channels or communities that are helpful to learn from?

This is the power of Social Media. I have some fantastic friends that are taking the time to view my blog and comment on my work. Thank you, Thank you!

This is the power of Social Media. I have some fantastic friends that are taking the time to view my blog and comment on my work. Thank you, Thank you!

startting out stitches



About tarasmith311

Hello my name is Tara. I am an educator and a new mom to a beautiful girl Adalee. I am staying at home for the year to raise my little one but miss being in the classroom every day. I have been teaching middle year students for five years. I have decided to continue my education by taking my Masters in Educational Psychology through the University of Regina. My dream would to one day be a guidance counselor. In my free time I love to be around the pool. I have played competitive water polo for many years and have been coaching the sport for over ten years. I look forward to my journey as a new mom and life long learner.
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3 Responses to Mid- term Crochet Block :(

  1. It’s crazy that I had no idea that this world existed. 🙂

    There’s a book by Chris Anderson called “the long tail” that really points to the idea that things that seem really obscure (to some) actually have the ability to build thriving communities when you position these ‘things’ globally. I had no idea there was this much around your topic in places such as Twitter, etc. Nice. See: http://www.longtail.com/about.html


  2. tarasmith311 says:

    I am glad I was able to possibly surprise you in some way. I would say that I am not surprised about the amount of community support around crochet. 1. I think their is a group for anything on the internet and if there is not you can create it. 2. I am amazed at how many people I talk to about crochet and I find out that they know how to do it too! Maybe you should try it! It is pretty therapeutic and you can make something to keep you warm this winter.


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