Who are you…? Who? Who? Who? Who?—- Networked Identities.

Who are you ? Well I am Tara Smith, with multiple identities and roles. Most recently I have been able to say that my identity is MOM! Maybe this is my proudest identity. Where as a short year ago if you asked me this question I would have said Educator. I really do feel that there is nothing wrong with having different identities and each having a different priority. Right now I would say my identities are:

Identity Mom!  Adalee and me

Identity Mom!
Adalee and me


Wife Logan and I.

Wife Logan and I.

Daughter. Three Generations!

Daughter. Three Generations!


Water Polo coach and player



Slurpee Lover

Slurpee Lover

What do you want to be when you grow up? Or as Bonnie Stewart, this weeks guest speaker for #eci831 suggested “What do you want to contribute?” She also asked “Do you have a different identity online then you do in real life?” I haven’t thought about these questions before, until last nights presentation. I am one those people who “ostrich” or hide in the social media world. I only used Facebook in my life before this class and used it as a tool for entertainment. I only wanted my closest friends and family to be able to see or communicate with me. I even changed my name, place I was living, and job to make it harder for people to find or connect with. My reason behind this was I didn’t want students or parents to find or judge my life, even though I had nothing to hide. Occasionally I would use Facebook to snoop on other peoples life and end up spending way to much time doing this, and that is why I stayed away from Twitter I needed to control my screen time.

I am now using Twitter because Alec Couros and Katia Hildebrandt are making me! Did you know it is a pretty awesome tool? I am using it in away to expand my colleague base. It has been a great way to get new ideas and ask questions from other educators around the world! I wonder if Bonnie would use my Twitter feed to follow to help her with her research. What sort of conclusions would she come up with when looking into my Tweets?

So I guess this means Twitter isn’t as bad as I thought. I like that my Twitter feed is professional yet there are glimpse of my personal identity intertwined with it. I get super excited when someone re-tweets my thoughts or I can answer someones Tweet.  I wouldn’t mind parents or students following my Twitter feed and I hope they do when I return to work. I plan to use it as a communication tool with them.

Even though I can talk about the positive in social media and our online worlds there is still the negative. I hate to be a  But I have some negative thoughts about how people use their social media tools to portray someone they are not in real life. I have had issues with students being bullies in the online world and being very hurtful people. They also find it funny to make “Memes” or become a Troll on the internet. Their online world then becomes an issue in real life; the playground and classroom. Does anyone else have to deal with this as an educator?

I actually have a personal connection to this “Meme” world. Have you ever heard of Annoying Facebook Girl? Well she strikes a remarkable resemblance to yours truly, ME! I mean if my actual picture was used for this I would be pretty upset. I wonder what this poor girl feels?

Annoying Facebook girl or Tara?

Annoying Facebook girl or Tara?

Even though there are negatives when it comes to using social medial I think that there is way more positives and we should teach and inform others what this the online world can do for us. I really enjoyed last nights presentation because it made me think of how I want to have my identity be portrayed on social media. Also, a big thanks to Krista Gates entry she made me think it is possible to have a few different identities and maybe even a few different accounts for each identity! She has a total of three Twitter accounts. I am not sure how she does it! Well it is time to put away my Student identity and turn on mom Identity baby just woke up!


About tarasmith311

Hello my name is Tara. I am an educator and a new mom to a beautiful girl Adalee. I am staying at home for the year to raise my little one but miss being in the classroom every day. I have been teaching middle year students for five years. I have decided to continue my education by taking my Masters in Educational Psychology through the University of Regina. My dream would to one day be a guidance counselor. In my free time I love to be around the pool. I have played competitive water polo for many years and have been coaching the sport for over ten years. I look forward to my journey as a new mom and life long learner.
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6 Responses to Who are you…? Who? Who? Who? Who?—- Networked Identities.

  1. Jennie Davies says:

    Love slurpees too! And, like Krista, I too have 3 different Twitter accounts. My mostly professional one, the one I’m using for this class, my mostly personal one (which i frankly barely use) and I jointly operate our high school twitter feed. Some days I do think just turning everything off would help me live in the moment.


  2. tarasmith311 says:

    I enjoy living in the moment. I have found myself laughing or making jokes of people at concerts who are on their phones or Ipads recording every song, taking selfies or updating their status! I say just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


  3. mybrainstorm says:

    Agreed! It’s hard to maintain an online presence (of whichever identity you wish) and still stay firmly planted in the real world. I like the idea of multiple twitter accounts though who could keep up with all of them! Will have to check out Krista’s blog. Thanks!


  4. tarasmith311 says:

    Thanks for the comment! I try to keep my online world similar to my real world and maintain professionalism. Not an easy task I must say.


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  6. Tara – you’re doing a good job of linking to people on your blog, now work on linking to other articles or blogs that you are reading. Also, make sure you are properly attributing your images. And think about ending with a thought-provoking question to encourage comments!


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